NACOL Accumulators

(NACOL) is the first Japanese manufacturer developed the bladder type accumulator in 1958

  • Worldwide standards capability
  • Top easy maintenance design, makes it possible to inspect the inside of the accumulator or to replace bladders without removing accumulator from the piping
  • The pleated bladders design compresses uniformly assuring longer bladder life and more useable oil volume]

Standard type Accumulators

  • J series Accumulators(low cost type in small size:0.03~5L)
  • N/A series Accumulators(standard type in small and medium size:1~16L)
  • U series Accumulators(slim body 25 Mpa type in large size:20~50L)
  • R series Accumulators(28 Mpa type in large size:20~63L)
  • N (Y·A) series Accumulators(standard type in large size:20~160L)
  • Double decker type Accumulators(230~320L)

Low Pressure Type Accumulators

  • E series Accumulators (Acc. for 0.95MPa:2&4L)

High Flow Type Accumulators

  • High flow type(medium size)Accumulators (5~16L)
  • High flow type(large size)Accumulators (20~160L)
  • Super high flow type Accumulators (5~60L)