Direct Drive Pump Unit ESS Series

Tokyo Keiki’s Direct Drive System is a hydraulic system featuring high performance and energy-saving operation. The system utilities a servomotor to
exercise precise control of the pump speed and enables high reproducible control for various flow rates and pressure levels.



Using the command signals from the equipment of the customer, the pump is driven only to the extent needed, meaning that no energy is wasted. Particularly dramatic energy-saving effects can be expected at the pressure retention stage.

High Performance

By exercising feedback control over speed and pressure, the control combines the advantages of reproducibility, stability and responsiveness in an electrically driven system.

Software Control

The control unit uses software control to enable flexible support for applications. Multiple control gain levels can be set, enabling the best suited control for each customer.

Wide Variation

Control units range from 11 kW to 55 kW, and enables support for a broad spectrum of applications.