Tokyo Keiki
Low Noise Fixed Displacement Vane Pump

SQP, SQPS, VQ, V104/V134, V108/V138V20/V30 Series

  • Delivery 7.5 l/min to 372 l/min.
  • Working pressure to 210 bar.
  • Speeds  to 2700 r/min.
  • Single, double and triple  pumps are available.
  • High performance and in versions which operate on water glycol or phosphate ester fluid.
Variable Displacement Piston Pumps

PH, P**V series

  • Displacements from 16 to 130 cm3/r.
  • Continuous pressures to 250 bar.
  • Speeds to 3000 rpm.
  • Low noise and wide range control options.
  • Single and double pumps are available.
Vane MotorS

**M, MHT Series

  • Displacements from 44 to 12,400 cm3/r.
  • Working pressures to 175 bar.
  • Speeds to 2600 r/min.
Gear Motors

CR, GR-M, GRH Series

  • HTLS heavy duty gerotor motorsHTLS heavy duty gerotor motors.
  • Displacements 62 to 600 cm3/r.
  • Continuous pressures to 210 bar.
  • Integral brake and two speed versions  available.
Hydraulic Mini Power Pack

QV-PAC, TU-INV, TU-ED, TK series

  • Low pressure pulsations for quiet running Low pressure pulsations for quiet running.
  • Continuous pressures to 250 bar.
  • Speeds to 3000 rpm.
  • Low noise and wide range control options.
  • Many configuration offered, including with integrated valve.
Direct Drive Pump Unit ESS Series

Tokyo Keiki’s Direct Drive System is a hydraulic system featuring high performance and energy-saving operation. The system utilities a servomotor to
exercise precise control of the pump speed and enables high reproducible control for various flow rates and pressure levels.


  • Energy Saving

Using the command signals from the equipment of the customer,
the pump is driven only to the extent needed, meaning that no energy is
wasted. Particularly dramatic energy-saving effects can be expected at
the pressure retention stage.

  • High Performance

By exercising feedback control over speed and pressure, the control combines the advantages of reproducibility, stability and responsiveness in an electrically driven system.

  • Software Control

The control unit uses software control to enable flexible support for applications. Multiple control gain levels can be set, enabling the best suited control for each customer.

  • Wide Variation

Control units range from 11 kW to 55 kW, and enables support for a broad spectrum of applications.

Pressure Control Valves


  • TCG20, TCG50-80.
  • CG/CT/CF series relief valves C-175.
  • CGR-02.
  • DGMCR-3 series remote control relief valves.
  • URG series unloading relief valves.
  • CGL series low pressure control valves.
  • DGMSL-3 series shock less valves.
  • RG(2)-3F, R(C)G/R(C)T/RF series pressure control valves.
  • XG1-3F,X(C)G/X(C)T series pressure reducing valves.
  • BLG series balancer valves.


  • Manifold mounted, thread or flange connection.
  • Sizes from ¼” to 2”.
  • Flows to 1200 l/min.
  • Pressures to 210 bar.
Digital Valves


  • D-CG, DF(R)G, D-DFG series Digital valves.
  • DC-AX4, DC-A1/4, DC-AE, DC-AT1/2, DC-B*B/B*C Controller and drivers.


  • Programmable capability, superior contamination resistance and open loop simplicity enable great flexibility in applications.
  • Simple numerical input of settings which can be stored and reset.
  • Complete range of pressure, flow and directional/flow control valves.
Pressure Switches and Sensors

ESP, ETP, ESMF series

  • Superior accuracy, repeatability, and temperature drift characteristics.
  • Integrated electronic circuitry provides voltage or current signal output.
Directional Control Valves


  • DG4M4, DG4V-3, DG4VC-3, DG4VS-3, DG4SM-3, COM, DG4V-5, DG4VC-5, DG4VS-5 series.
  • Solenoid operated directional valves DG5V-7, DG5V-H8, DG5S-10 series.
  • Pilot operated directional valves C-552/C-572, DG*M2/DT*M2, DG20S-3, DG20S-5, DG2S4-01, DG17V-7 series Mechanically or Manually Operated Directional valves.


  • Pressures up to 350 bar.
  • Flows 20 to 800 l/min.
  • Various sizes and operators…  solenoid, hydraulic, air, cam or lever to meet a wide range of applications.
Modular Valves


  • ISO cetop 02, 03, 05, 07, 08 sizes.
  • Relief, sequence, reducing, check and flow control valves.
  • Flows to 340 l/min.
  • Pressures up to 310 bar.
Proportional Controls
  • EPCG2-01, EPCG2-**, EPFG-01, EPF(R)G-**
  • EPDG1 series Proportional valves.
  • EPAD, P-X/Z, PB-X/Z, EPA series Controllers.
  • ST3 series Servo valves.
  • STC-Y Servo valves controller.