ELM Series

ELM Series
Operation of the OLAER gas loaded diaphragm accumulator is bassed on the considerable difference in compressibility between a gas and a liquid, enabling a large quantity of energy to be stored in an extremely compact form.

This enables a liquid under pressure to be accumalated, stored and recovered at any time.

Model VGU

Universal charging set fits most of the hydraulic accumulators available on the market.

Maximum working pressure: limited by the maximum operating pressure of the installed pressure limted to 400 bar in any case.

AC, IHV, NG, and ELM Series

AC, IHV, NG, and ELM Series Accumulators incorporate the lates design and material technologies to improve  performance and reliability of the accumulator when it  is used in heavy duty application or under severe working conditions.

Safety Blocks

Are designed to incorporate in a single compact block a variety of functions necessery for the correct operation of a hydraulic system fitted with accumulators. This includes manual and/or electrical drain, isolation, flow control and pressure relief.

PWO Series

Plate water Oil cooler are the modern variant of the traditional shell and tube cooler. Unlike other plate cooler on the market mostly produced for water, steam or chemicalapplications, the internal structur of the OLAER Fawcett Christie PWO is designed to provide the highest efficiency while offering the lowest pressure drop required for the oil in hydraulics and lubrication applications.

Shell and Tubes

Although not as efficient and compact as the Plate Water Oil cooler, Shell and
Tubes coolers are still extremely popular in various types of industries. OLEAR Fawcett Christie therefor strives to find the best possible design that would combine a limited water flow rate with a maximum efficiency.

Air Oil Cooler ECO, LAC, LDC, LHC and LOC series
  • AC and DC motor available.
  • Cooler matrix with low pressure drop and high cooling capacity.
  • Simply and user friendly design.